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Please use the below contact form and make sure you mention which class listed below that you are signing up for in the comment section and I will get back to you with more information.

There are classes posted on the above calendar that are facilitated by other practitioners so if you don’t see that particular class listed below, please open the calendar to find the contact information for that class.


Anxiety Support Group

Anxiety can be debilitating and take you away from the life you want to lead. I’m starting a free support group for those who want to get a handle on dealing with it. No commitment, just show up and let’s work through techniques and discussions and knowing that we are not alone.
Every other Thursday evening at Life Balance Health Coaching Studio from 6:00-7 pm starting on July 12th, 2018.

Off-site classes through Merrymeeting Adult Education (see their website at


Meatless Mondays & Delectable Eating #2
For those who have taken the Meatless Mondays Part I course previously, here’s the follow-up you asked for with more options and recipes to expand your menus. Join Sara in cooking meatless meals that help your wallet as well as the planet. All are welcome whether you attended previous class or not. These recipes are delicious! Food fee of $10 included. No discounts.
Instructor: Sara Cromwell
Tues, starting Aug 7, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM, for 1 session
Location: Brunswick High School
$45/$50 NR

Small Changes Group Program

Small Changes is a health coaching program with a built-in support group so we can all make small changes towards our bigger goals together.

Why should you join a Health Coaching Support Group program?

  • Not everyone can commit to a long term individual health coaching program.
  • You are more likely to achieve your goals if you work with someone else to achieve them.
  • You have the benefit of collective wisdom as everyone has something to share from their own stories. Two brains are better than one?  How about a dozen?
  • Social events are good for the soul.

New session starting June 27, 2018 costs $30 per session. The program includes:

  • Two 90-minute group coaching appointments each month for three months held every other Friday for 6 sessions total. Each session is from 5:30-7:00 pm, which will include group discussions on nutrition, lifestyle, and wellness topics, recommendations, and a full set of notes.
  • Access to a dedicated Facebook Group page.
  • A variety of handouts and other relevant materials.

This is an entire coaching program to get to know yourself and build a skill set of wellness tools all for the price of one month of personal coaching so if you have been wanting to step into a healthy lifestyle but cost was getting in the way, this program is for you!

Sessions are held at the studio at 103 Harpswell Rd., Suite 108, Brunswick ME. To register please send me an email at 

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