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Courses and Classes

Please use the below contact form and make sure you mention which class listed below that you are signing up for in the comment section and I will get back to you with more information.



Small Changes Group Coaching Program
Small Changes Group Coaching Program will be starting again on October 4th from 6-7:30. Again, this will be a 3 month program, meeting every other Wednesday night for $30 a session. This is proving to be a very valuable program that creates lasting changes.


Wednesday Lunch Club

I have a Wednesday lunch club called Welcome Wednesday. This is a free of charge hour, from noon to 1:00 every Wednesday, where you will be able to bring and eat your lunch in a beautiful space, network with others, and talk about that week’s topic. It will also give you a chance to review the latest schedule of classes and get information on them.

The new studio/classroom is located at 103 Harpswell Rd., Suite 108, Brunswick right across from Maine Pines Racquet & Fitness. However, I have my own entrance at the rear of the building located on the other side of the outbuilding. You will see the flagstones in the grass leading you to the door and I will have a sign up. Please park on Hambleton Ave. I will have water and tea available and I have a microwave for your use. I would love to see you all join me and share my beautiful space!


September 21 6-7:30 Detox From Everything – $15

This is an intense class to detox everything from your body to your home. The best way to do a detox diet and what to watch out for. Ways to detox your home and take home tips on environmentally friendly cleaners and beauty products. Finally, how to detox your relationships and work life.


September 26th 6-8:00 Cooking for Immunity – $15

Cold and flu season is creeping up and who wants to get sick?? The time to start boosting your immunity is now. I’ll show you how to add certain herbs and spices to your everyday cooking and introduce you to new recipes intended to strengthen and support your immune system.

October 5th 6:7:30 Hooked On Sugar – $15

Sugar is in just about everything in the Standard American Diet. It is also highly addictive. How do you get off the sugar train? Join me at this class to learn why sugar is so prevalent and tips for removing it from your life.

October 19th 6-7:30 Type 2 Diabetes is NOT Inevitable – $15

We have come to expect that Type 2 Diabetes is a normal part of aging and genetic programming. While you may have genes that predispose you towards diabetes, prevention, as well as reversing the symptoms, is entirely up to you. Join me for an evening discussing the triggers and what lifestyle changes to make to avoid this expensive disease.

October 24th 6-7:30 Eating Well On A Tight Budget – $10

Eating well on a tight budget can be challenging. Let me show you some tips and tricks for a healthy menu without breaking the bank and resorting to fast food.