Welcome to my page!  These posts are from my heart to share with you my journey into wellness and to give you a glimpse of how I can set you on the path to your wellness. I believe that small changes can build the cornerstones of a strong, healthy life. Everyone is unique with different goals but these cornerstones work for everyone.  It is your right to be happy and healthy and loved.

Health Coaches are a relatively new contribution to the health and wellness field. So what are they and what do they do?

Think of me as a team member.  Your doctor gives you a diagnosis or tells you to lose weight and then stops listening and you are left wondering what to do now. Turn to me as the wellness team member that can work with you to figure out where to go from here with recipe and nutrition plans.

Or perhaps you just want more movement or connection in your life, something feels off and you can’t put your finger on it. Together we can work through any barriers that may be blocking your wellness path.

A health coach differs from a doctor, registered dietician or nutritionist in that we focus on the whole well-being of the person that you are.  While you may find other medical practitioners that have a holistic view of your health, most are not trained in an integrative approach.

My approach is that you already know what you need to do to become well, I just help you to listen to yourself, trust yourself, and uncover the best of you. I have combined my love of cooking with teaching clients how to develop new eating and cooking habits.

My Mission is to show the every day person that being healthy and feeling well does not need a huge commitment in time, money, or energy. I strive to create and promote inexpensive, healthy, and tasty alternatives to the Standard American Diet without losing satisfaction. Small, easy changes are all that’s necessary to create a wholesome diet, environment and lifestyle that enables you to feel at your best.

Everyone is an individual in every way and that includes diet. What works for one person will not work for all. However, there are many varieties of wonderful foods and health care items that, when most possible allergens and irritants are removed, will work for virtually everyone.

Welcome to my journey to create these lifestyle changes for myself and, therefore, you.

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