Discover Your Healthiest Life

Start where you are. 
Move forward as you can.
Small changes change lives.

I’m looking for busy individuals who are ready to commit to those small changes to transform their own lives.

Sara Cromwell, INHC

In creating this page as a reflection of my business I have hopefully created something that is of value to you, that you trust and enjoy. Perhaps you have implemented some of my tips or tried out some of the recipes. You may have started making those small changes in your habits that lead to more energy or better sleep.

I believe in giving value. I want you to see the possibilities of what can happen when you start reaching for your goals. I wish for you to have your heart and your mind opened up to what your purpose is and how you can live within joy.

If you feel that making these small changes have helped you and you are curious as to how, together, we can direct your path closer to where you want to be with a plan that is created specifically for you, then contact me today for your free health consultation.

Together we can launch a healthier life.

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“I don’t feel well. Why?”

“I know I need to do something but what? Where do I start?”

I can help you discover a healthier you!

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Taking the small changes class has greatly improved my life in more ways than I thought were possible. I learned so much about myself and the many areas I could make improvements that have led me to huge successes with such small efforts.

Sara’s knowledge and wisdom was exactly what I needed more of in my life. I learned about the role of sleep and that taking time to relax was critical to my well being. I also became more aware of what foods I was missing in my diet and the benefits of adding them. The breathing exercises were life changing and a critical tool to dealing with daily stress.

The information Sara taught was exciting and empowering and has forever changed my became life for the better. If you are looking for any positive change in your health, I highly recommend you take this class and invest in yourself, you are worth it.

Christa, Age 40

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been “the sense of calmness and not having to be perfect at all times”. My coach (is) “very sweet and sensitive to my needs. Always listening. ” I would recommend my coach to everyone. Even people who don’t know they need her.”

Dedee, Age 54

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